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I’m a freelance multidisciplinary designer with a strong focus on digital product design. I craft accessible, scalable design systems, design and prototype digital products that bring value to users. After hours I produce music and DJ in clubs across Europe.
UX/UI Design
Design Systems
Sound Design
Federal Ministry for Economy
Dr. Oetker
R+V Versicherung

My goal is to design digital products that last and are easily understood. I design with a systematic, modular approach to create sustainable results. By trying to understand all stakeholders, I bring empathy and curiosity to every project. In my experience, designing for audio is just as crucial as designing for visuals. That's why I use my expertise in crafting sounds to create immersive experiences that go beyond what we see.


UX/UI Design

I create intuitive and user-friendly digital products that are visually appealing and easy to navigate. Having a good experience is what keeps people engaged and with a focus on improving the user experience.



I utilize wireframes to create a "blueprint" for digital products, mapping out the structure and content in a clear and concise manner. This is a crucial step to give the product a solid foundation and to identify issues as early as possible.



I create pixel-perfect interactive prototypes that simulate the look and feel of the final product, giving users a chance to experience it and re-iterate before development. Prototypes are very important to test and validate in realistic conditions.


Building Design Systems

I build cohesive design systems that ensure consistency and efficiency in design and development processes, saving time and resources. For instance, design systems can help create new digital products quicker that need less user-testing.


Refactoring of Components

I optimize and restructure Figma component libraries to improve organization, accessibility, and scalability, ensuring a more efficient design process. I strive to constantly improve components by keeping up to date with Figma's new functionalities.



I take a holistic approach to branding, considering the digital product's audience, goals, and competition, to create a distinct and memorable brand identity. It's important that the product does not only have great usability but also resonates with users on an emotional level.


Sound Design

I design sound for visual experiences like videos, short films and games. In a world where moving images and voice assistance are becoming more prevalent, I'm confident that sound design will play an increasing role in digital products too.

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I design for eyes
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