Giving Typefaces a Sound

For their new collection of typefaces, France-based foundry typelab asked me to create sounds that represent each of them. The sounds are part of a web experience, where users can navigate through a virtual 3D environment and explore different islands where the typefaces are located. Depending on what island you’re currently on, the sound changes.

Sound design

Floriane Rousselot

Jonas Fürste

Clement Perdigon

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The result

The briefing described three distinct environments which I scored with matching sounds. For the "ice" environment, I used more harsh, clear and dark sounds, making use of recordings of actual ice cracking. The desert is represented by a light airy soundscape, representing the wind blowing through the dunes. Lastly, the forest environment is sonically expressed by a quirky arp sound and samples of creatures, manipulated to sound outerworldly.