Designing a chatbot

As a part of the German Federal Ministry for Economy's digitalisation initiative, my team and I developed a rule-based chatbot that helps connect start-ups, SMEs, and corporates with matching programs for their needs. To make the process more user-friendly, we designed the chatbot to ask targeted questions and provide tailored suggestions.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs

UX/UI Design

User Interviews


Maike Engelmann

Korbinian Richter

Mara Geier

Kilian Depuhl

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Setting up the backend

Working with a team of experts, I helped identify the right programs and guide users through the process. I was responsible to create the backend. This meant I had to identify the right prompts and questions to make the chatbot useful and especially user-friendly. But, we had to overcome several technological and regulatory challenges along the way. The tool we were required to use had less capabilities than we wished for, which made the design process more challenging. This meant that we had to focus a lot of attention on testing the tool with prospective users.

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Improving through user testing

Through iterative user testing, we were able to identify and resolve key issues that were hindering the chatbot's effectiveness. By improvising and adapting, we were able to create a backend for the chatbot that could effectively identify user needs and make suggestions. The end result is a user-friendly tool that allowed users to easily find the right programs for their needs, all while complying with GDPR-regulations.