Making renting easier for everyone

I was part of a team engaged by a large German corporate to develop a digital service that streamlines the rental process for both renters and landlords. Our goal was to create a solution that simplifies the management of rental properties and make the process more efficient for all parties involved.

My primary responsibilities were to lead the branding, UI/UX design, creating a working prototype and setting up a design system for the service. I used the research conducted by my team members to understand the needs and pain points of both renters and landlords, in order to identify key features and functionality that needed to be included in the service. Currently I'm freelancing for the client, iterating the prototype and User Interface in collaboration with in-house UX designers.


Design system

UX/UI design



Marlen Thieme

Samuel Huber

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Branding the service

We organized and facilitated a workshop with the client team to co-create the visual identity of the brand. During the workshop, we had productive and creative sessions to establish the style, tone, and message of the brand. I used that input to create the visual identity of the service. The whole process was executed in a quite short amount of time, using agile methodology.

A working prototype

The resulting prototype was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and intuitive. I designed the UI, ensuring that it is consistent with the visual identity and easy to use. We managed to exceed our clients expectations with the working prototype which they’re currently testing with potential users.

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Behind the screens

Even while creating smaller scale MVP prototypes, the connections and linking between screens can get quite complex, as seen above. To make the experience as realistic as possible, I add micro interactions and animations as well. This also means that most of the work I'm doing is not normally visible when users click trough the prototype.